Insight, napkin-note edition

I have been replaying Bloodborne and recently been running Burning Wheel with a group of players that are majorly magic users. Both of these have got me thinking about Insight and risk-reward style systems in rpgs.

I’ve been toying around with the idea of Insight as it exists in Bloodborne, and I think I have came up with something I want to toy around with more. Here’s the basic top-of-my-head version with no amount of play-testing or really running it by other people for quality control.

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Odd Duel

Two games I have been obsessed with for a very long time are old school D&Ds and Burning Wheel.

I was super pumped when I initially read Torchbearer, and while it is an awesome game on its own terms, it wasn’t quite the mix of old school dungeon crawling and Burning Wheel-styled detailed systems I was looking for.

I have wanted for a long time for there to be a system similar to Burning Wheel’s Fight system, although a bit simpler, paired to D&D’s tactical hand-wavy rulings over rules.

This is my attempt at hacking Into the Odd to facilitate this kind of system.

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