GM Responsibilities

If there is one thing that bugs the most about “conventional” RPG wisdom is the idea of what the GM is responsible for. The GM is a player adjacent role, and aside form a few exceptions regarding the responsibilities that an individual game prescribes to a GM, they should have nearly identical responsibilities that other players of the game. I want to address a few of these typically shouldered by the GM and why I do not think they are valid.

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Big Bad Con 2017

I got “back” from Big Bad Con this prior Sunday. Since I was commuting from home every day I wasn’t really gone, but it was a bit of a commute. I believe I say this every year but next year I should really get a room.

I ran Inheritance which I hope to review soon. Its an amazing game, and I was especially lucky to have a large cast of super talented players that really brought the game to life.

I also ended up playing several games. Off the top of my head I remember playing Into the Odd, Burning Wheel, Tales from the Loop, and Witch: Road to Linsfarne. Out of the new games I played (everything but Burning Wheel), I will have short-take reviews shortly.

The con is absolutely the best roleplaying convention I attend every year. I love going to GenCon, but the games, people, and size of Big Bad is absolutely perfect. I cannot recommend it higher if you are in the Bay Area next October.